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About the center

In order to promote the research capability of marine science and technology, National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) has established the Frontier Center for Ocean Science and Technology (FCOST). The goals of FCOST are advancing the  development of intercampus and international collaboration and deepening the integration of marine research of multi-disciplines, and the application of the research achievements into marine industry. FCOST will also assist the College of Marine Sciences, NSYSU, in the affairs of teaching, research, and social and industrial service. FCOST has already established several projects with Academia Sinica, Ministry of Science and Technology, related private companies, and international collaborationship with renowned universities worldwide. Currently, FCOST is working with researchers of King Saud University, Saudi Arabia, to investigate the natural products from Red Sea sponges. Also, FCOST has signed a collaboratory research agreement with University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, to develope antiviral agents from marine natural products.