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海洋前瞻科技推展中心 2009-2016 本校參與教師著作


李澤民教授 (國立中山大學海洋生物研究所)

序號 作者、篇名、期刊、期數、頁數等
1. Wu TM, YT Hsu, TM Lee. (2009).Effects of cadmium on the regulation of antioxidant enzyme activity and gene expression and antioxidant in a marine macroalga Ulva fasciata. Botanical Studies 50: 25-34. (SCIE)
2. Sung MS, YT Hsu, YT Hsu, TM Wu, TM Lee.( 2009). Hypersalinity and hydrogen peroxide upregulation of gene expression of antioxidant enzymes in Ulva fasciata against oxidative stress.Marine Biotechnology 11: 199-209. (SCIE)
3. Lee TM, CT Shiu. (2009). Implications of mycosporine-like amino acid and antioxidant defenses in UVB radiation tolerance for the algae species Ptercladiella capillacea and Gelidium amansi. Marine Environmental Research 67: 8-16. (SCIE)
4. Wu TM, YT Hsu, MS Sung, YT Hsu, TM Lee.( 2009). Expression of genes involved in redox homeostasis and antioxidant defense in a marine macroalga Ulva fasciata by excess copper. Aquatic Toxicity 94: 175-185. (SCIE)
5. Shu YT, TM Lee.(2010). Photosynthetic electron transport mediates the light-controlled up-regulation of expression of methionine sulfoxide reductase A and B from marine macroalga Ulva fasciata. Journal of Phycology 46:112-122. (SCIE)
6. Sung MS, YT Hsu, KL Ho, TM Lee (2010) Implications of the up-regulation of genes encoding protein degradation enzymes and heat shock protein 90 for intertidal green macroalga Ulva fasciata against hypersalinity-induced protein oxidation. Marine Biotechnology (accepted). (SCIE)


黃材成教授 (國立中山大學海洋環境及工程學系)

序號 作者、篇名、期刊、期數、頁數等
1. Huang CC, Tang HJ, Pan JY. (2009) Numerical modeling of an SPM cage with a frontal rigid frame. IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering 34: 113-122. (SCIE)
2. 鄭任軒, 黃材成, 李澤民. (2010) 戶外微藻養殖設施規劃與設計. 中華民國環境工程學會.
3. 鄭任軒, 黃材成. (2010) 戶外大規模微藻養殖之可行性研究. 中華民國環境工程學會.



序號 作者、篇名、期刊、期數、頁數等
1. 陳孟仙(2009)南海表層水對黑邊鰏(Leiognathus splendes)稚魚的輸送國科會計劃執行成果報告


陳慶能助理教授 (國立中山大學海洋生物研究所)

序號 作者、篇名、期刊、期數、頁數等
1. Chen CN, Chen HR, Yeh SY, Vittore G, Ho THD (2009) Autophagy is enhanced and floral development is impaired in ATHAV22d RNAi Arabidopsis. Plant Physiology 149: 1679- 1689. (SCIE)







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